CO2 Gro Inc

CO2 Gro Inc

CO2 GRO Inc. (GROW.TSXV) is dedicated to increasing the growth of all indoor and outdoor value plants using our advanced CO2 technologies. We increase our clients' plant yields in a safe, sustainable and economic way.
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About CO2 Gro Inc

We own a worldwide license to saturate water with CO2 gas and a CO2 foliar spray global PCT pending patent to apply CO2 saturated water onto plants for accelerated plant growth. Our CO2 technologies are developed, proven and scalable. We continue to perform CO2 foliar spray grow trials for cannabis, lettuce, micro greens, flowers and peppers in various growing conditions.

All patentable IP is owned by us from University research and grower CO2 trials and commercial installations. With Agri-industrial partners, we will collaborate and share developing IP integrating our CO2 grow foliar spray technologies into their particular applications. We expect to continuously strengthen our patent portfolio as our experience optimizing our CO2 technologies for maximum plant yields continues to evolve, expand and gets more optimized for maximum grower value.

Our experienced management, board, science advisors, and representative team of engineering, horticultural, academic, operational, and financial professionals share the common goal of building a world class company maximizing shareholder value. We are constantly looking to strengthen our team and our Agri-industrial relationships.



John Archibald
CEO, Director
Sam Kanes
VP Business Development, Director
Michael Boyd
Chairman of the Board
Vincent Scalisi
Gord Surgeoner
Murray McLaughlin
Matthew Julius