CMN Holdings, Inc.

CMN Holdings, Inc.

Digital network providing educational health programming for cannabis dispensary waiting rooms. Check our website for more info on Free Network Installatio
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About CMN Holdings, Inc.

CMN Holdings, Inc., offers 30 years of experience as a trusted resource for medical educational programming. Our team has founded over 10 networks since 1985, all of which air in medical waiting rooms. Our networks have included Women’’s HealthCARE TV, KidCARE TV and PetCARE TV.

CMN & CLN(Cannabis Lifestyle Network) are our latest network launches, providing cannabis-focused educational programming for medical marijuana prescribers offices and dispensaries. By providing quality, engaging content to cannabis patients and customers, CMN and CLN provide advertisers a highly effective and valuable way to reach a rapidly expanding market.

CMN produces proprietary, subject-based educational and entertainment programming to air in the waiting rooms of cannabis-prescribing doctors. All of our proprietary content is produced in-house, from scripting to final edit and delivery. Our content is continually updated with the latest science and news, to continually engage consumers.

Our content is designed to be both entertaining and educational in order to attract and hold viewers’ attention. This results in reducing the perceived waiting time as well as inducing additional product purchases through the education of those products’ benefits, to the customer.

All of our educational and entertainment contented is delivered to your customers and patients on a 48” Hi-Definition screen and a robust “store and play” media player. We provide installation as well as any additional field services that may be required. The best benefit of our business model? Its paid for by underwritters! Meaning, your doctor’s office can receive all of these benefits at no cost to you.