We're cultivators. We're innovators. We believe that profits and artistry can go hand in hand.

About CLADE9


Our scientifically proven system removes the guesswork.
Our proprietary fertilizer enables us to focus on the health of our grow room, and the cost savings enables us to reinvest in the expansion of our business.
High Yields - an average of 90g/sq ft per year
Low Costs - an average of less than 7 cents per gram
Stress Free - so you can focus on your craft


It all starts with the seed
Our genetic work dates back nearly 20 years and has benefitted from collaborations with some of the industry's leading authorities. Our breeding program focuses on plant vitality, abundant terpenes, and robust cannabinoid production. Specifically, we're focused on Cannabis strain chemotyping and its potential medicinal and recreational applications.
Bred from heirloom and boutique stock
Selected rigorously over several generations
Guided by our proprietary algorithm, the Holmes Matrix™


Grow Room 2.0 is Here
We design our facilities to leverage the latest technology in environmental control, seed to sale tracking, and workforce monitoring. We maximize the efficiency of all aspects of cultivation. We have expertise in every stage of the process.
Grow room design
Systems management
Team training

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