Chesapeake Apothecary

Chesapeake Apothecary

Chesapeake Apothecary is a White Plains medical cannabis dispensary.

About Chesapeake Apothecary

The great folks at Chesapeake Apothecary are excited to announce the upcoming opening of their White Plains marijuana dispensary. More than a place to obtain cannabis, Chesapeake Bay Apothecary aims to be a beacon for the White Plains community through outreach, educational seminars, cooking classes and vendor visits to enhance their customers’ understanding of this healing plant.

The founders of Chesapeake Apothecary are inspired by challenge, and the cannabis industry is certainly challenging. Armed with a clear vision for opportunity and growth, the founders sought to create the kind of business that appeals to a broad spectrum of marijuana consumers.

Chesapeake Apothecary is poised to parallel what many states have already shown is a helpful addition to the small business community - cannabis. The founders of Chesapeake Apothecary understand how much businesses contribute to their communities, so they dedicated themselves to creating a business that would give back in every way. The White Plains cannabis team at Chesapeake Apothecary expects to begin welcoming customers later this year. And keep an eye out, as they have plans to expand in the future.

Chesapeake Apothecary is proud to have a highly-qualified team who cares about their White Plains customers. Chesapeake Apothecary employees are treated to best-in-class education and on-site training at Oaksterdam University, America’s first cannabis college, and in-house shadowing so they have an in-depth knowledge of the menu and a seed-to-sale understanding of the business.

Chesapeake Apothecary will only stock products from trusted vendors licensed to operate in the state of Maryland. When the dispensary opens, all products will be lab-tested. In addition to a variety of cannabis products, their comprehensive menu will feature accessories such as smoking accessories and vaporizers. Discount programs are in the works for seniors, veterans, patients with hardships and loyal, repeat customers.

Chesapeake Apothecary serves marijuana consumers in White Plains and the entire Southern Maryland region. Patients along Route 301 are invited to peruse Chesapeake Apothecary’s shelves when their White Plains dispensary opens. Cannabis enthusiasts from Waldorf, White Landing, Newport, Woodbridge and Rose Haven are just a short drive away from Chesapeake Apothecary’s future home. The dispensary staff is pleased to extend their services to consumers in Pomfret, Queen Anne Estates and Shady Side and offer plenty of parking with ADA accessibility.

White Plains, Maryland is located in Southern Maryland in Charles County. White Plains offers a rural escape and is a short distance from the Thomas Stone National Historic Site, also called the Haberdeventure or Thomas Stone House, which was once home to Thomas Stone, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. While you’re in town, check out local eateries Martinis and Bobby Rucci’s Famous Italian Deli & Doughboys.  


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