Chena Cannabis

Chena Cannabis

Chena Cannabis is a brand new recreational marijuana retailer that provides safe and convenient access to high-quality cannabis products to the North Pole cannabis communities.. Acting in full compliance with Alaska Measure 2, Chena Cannabis operates on both fronts of the cannabis industry: cultivation and retail.

About Chena Cannabis

Chena Cannabis is a North Pole Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

From seed to shelf, Chena Cannabis cares about its product. Sporting a classy, clinical feel, Chena Cannabis’ marijuana dispensary is the first of its kind city-wide and, conveniently, it’s easy to access for travelers and residents alike. Chena Cannabis invites recreational marijuana communities to stop in and chat with their kind and knowledgeable budtenders or to connect online via Facebook, email, or Instagram.


The founder of Chena Cannabis is driven by his own experience with marijuana. One of the only natural and holistic treatments that could effectively mitigate the pain brought on by his arthritis was cannabis. Add to that how it would so readily inflict its users with giggles and smiles, he decided to make his livelihood the spread of comfort and cheer. No, he isn’t St. Nick, but both he and Chena Cannabis share similar values. Chena Cannabis has plans to install a fully fledged on-site kitchen where he will offer cannabis cooking classes as well as glassblowing facility where consumers can purchase custom-made glass or just watch the local glassblower work his craft.


Chena Cannabis in the North Pole recently expanded its stock from just glass to including recreational marijuana and its delicious derivatives. From seed to shelf, Chena Cannabis cultivates lab tested, tailor-made product, be it their in-house bud or flower sourced from industry-leading producers, they stop at nothing to ensure safety, purity, and, above all else, quality. This 21+ adult-only dispensary solely accepts cash and provides an on-site ATM for its customers’ convenience. Their signature strain, Snow White, doesn’t just thematically fit with the Alaskan ambiance, it also packs a stronger punch than the Disney film. Chena Cannabis’ unique background as a glass-only shop has equipped them with a tobacco license which means they have anything you could need for a recreational marijuana product in stock. Pipes, papers, and grinders, oh my!

Service Locations:

Chena Cannabis serves the North Pole area and its adjoining cities with open arms. Mr. Claus has been known to drop in every now and again too. Residents of Ester, College, and the Greater Fairbanks area are encouraged to mosey on down the 2 to visit Chena Cannabis and its wonderful staff. The same goes for citizens of Moose Creek, just hop on that northbound 2 and you’ll be there in no time. Chena Cannabis welcomes travelers and residents of recreational cannabis communities alike.

Location Information:

North Pole, Alaska is home to Santa Claus, or so we’ve grown to suspect. The North Pole stands in the Fairbanks North Star Borough of Alaska between the Chena and Tanana rivers, a quiet Alaskan town “where the spirit of Christmas lives year round!” The famous “Welcome to North Pole” sign down on the eastern end of Fifth Avenue nearly demands a selfie, and one would be remiss to skip out on the famous Santa Claus House and its world-famous inhabitant who, word has it ‘round town, is a fan of Chena Cannabis. Take in as much natural splendor as possible along the banks of the Chena Lake, and for a truly transcendent experience, stop by Chena Cannabis in the afternoon and later visit the Chena Lake Recreation Area to view one of the world’s most visually stunning attributes: the Northern Lights.



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