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Ceres Greenhouse Solution

An industry leader in advanced, 21st century year-round growing environments.
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About Ceres Greenhouse Solution

Founded in 2011, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions aims to reinvent the traditional greenhouse. We combine passive solar design principles with innovative heat-storage techniques to create the most energy efficient, flexible and durable greenhouses for any climate in the world. The result of constant innovation is the most energy-efficient greenhouse commercially available. Our solutions can be found around the world, in climates as far-ranging as Alaska to South Korea.

Our clients span backyard gardeners, sustainable farmers, school administrator, forward-thinking cannabis grower, and big industrial growers.” The result is a smarter, ‘greener’ greenhouse: one that regulates it’s own temperature, can grow year-round, withstands the harshest weather, and uses little to no fossil fuel energy.


Brian Van Way
Product Developer, Sales, Consulting at Ceres Gree...

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