CBD Logisitics

CBD Logisitics

Headquartered in the Canton of Graubünden in Cama, it develops and distributes retail and wholesale products on the Swiss and international markets. Female inflorescences of Hemp Sativa L. with high CBD content and with a law-compliant THC content. CBD Logistics’ products are approved in a socio-legal perspective both in Switzerland and in other countries of the world. Our Company selects with care and passion the varieties of female inflorescences of Hemp Sativa L. and the CBD genetic specifications that it represents on the Swiss and international market.
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About CBD Logisitics

CBD Logistics is committed to offering a natural alternative, to support people, to inspire moments of enthusiasm and joy, to create value and make a difference.
In a socio-economic context characterized by cycles of change more and more complex the human value for CBD Logistics acquires more and more importance.
We are reference partners for end customers, distributors-resellers and wholesalers in the hemp CBD market.
Pioneers in a social change, we contribute daily to the evolution of the perception of the perspective on Hemp and its beneficial uses.
We offer our partners the means to develop a constant ability to adapt to the market, thanks to the quality/price ratio and through the constant acquisition of information and skills.

Features CBD Logisitics

We sell natural CBD products of all kinds, from CBD inflorescences to prerolled joints and CBD Oils We have our own brand, Green Spirits, which offers 3 main types of products: CBD flowers, CBD oils and a Cannabis Oil cosmetics line. We have an e-commerce web site with more than 150 products and we ship orders for customers all over the world where the law agree. We also have a wholesale e-commerce, in which it can be found CBD flower, CBD extracs, cuttings and CBD oils. Our Company can also provide a professional consulting about Hemp production, packaging, analysis, white label an we make available growers with years of experience.