Traditional Healthcare Protocol for Cannabis
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About CB2insights

In 2014, healthcare entrepreneurs Prad Sekar and Kash Qureshi were asked to help educate physicians across Canada on how best to prescribe medical cannabis to a rapidly growing patient population. At a time where social stigma, limited medical research and the overall complexity of prescribing cannabis as a medicine all converged, Sekar and Qureshi knew that they would have to bring traditional healthcare protocols to the cannabis industry before the cannabis industry could properly integrate with healthcare.

After developing the industry’s first Clinical Decision Support tool to help guide physicians when prescribing medical cannabis, the company gained traction in international markets which eventually led to the acquisition of a large cannabis evaluation center group in the US which has since grown to become the largest multi-state cannabis evaluation and education group in the country.

Today, CB2 Insights is recognized as having the largest cannabis patient registry across 12 states in the US as well as growing international reach and has deployed the industry’s most comprehensive data collection tool built to drive Real-World Evidence specific to medical cannabis treatment.



Kash Qureshi
co-founder of CB2 Insights
Dan Thompson
Chief Marketing Officer
Carmelo Marrelli
Prad Sekar