Cape Cod Cannabis Consulting

Cape Cod Cannabis Consulting

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About Cape Cod Cannabis Consulting

We offer business and personal consulting services, Endocannabinoid DNA Testing, and on-line certification courses along with a full range of quality CBD products. If you’re building a cannabis business or want to ​improve your health with CBD, we’re here to help.


Our services:

Business Plans

Legal Services

Investment & Loans

Financing Services

​Licensing & Permits

Real Estate & Construction

Marketing & Communications

Equipment & Horticultural Needs

Security ​

Website Builds

Merchant Services

Inventory tracking & Management

POS systems

Recruiting & Staffing


Features Cape Cod Cannabis Consulting

Business Consultation: With complete services from licensing, permits and financing all the way to equipment, security and staffing, our network of professionals brings your business to life.

Personal Consultation: From understanding the benefits of CBD to Medical Marijuana Cards, we help you make smart decisions about products and services that enhance your Health & Well Being.

CBD Products: Our online store features the highest quality CBD products from the most trusted names in the industry. Understand your options & choose the right products.

Certification: Want to learn more? You can get certified in Cannabinoid Physiology & Health with our comprehensive web-based learning platforms.


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