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CannRx Technologies

Developing new technologies as the backdrop for next generation cannabis products (CPG & pharma)
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About CannRx Technologies

CannRx Technology Inc. is a US-based corporation and a subsidiary of Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation. CannRx was established to become a leader in the development of medical applications for the cannabis plant.  CannRx differentiates itself from the complicated legal and social issues being debated on an almost daily basis with respect to cannabis usage. CannRx does not focus on the “medical marijuana” or “recreational marijuana” which are currently being sold and which suffer from the drawback of concerns relating to potency and purity.  Instead it is the primary intent of CannRx to leverage off an established, patented technology platform that has been developed and applied to other botanical species, apply it to the cannabis plant and establish itself as a market leader in the development of medical applications. In addition, CannRx intends to further differentiate itself through development of (1) disease specific predictive models to aid in development of therapeutic applications and (2) rapid on-site testing devices.

annRx is collaborating with Izun Pharma Limited, which will oversee and supervise the botanical research and development. Izun Pharma Limited utilizes a novel approach to botanical analysis and has developed a patented, therapeutically-driven method that can quantify the biologic effect of a plant’s constituents as they function within the whole plant. This is done by separating the botanical material into Complex Polymolecular Efficacy Units (“CPEUs”) that are defined by the specific biologic effect of the CPEU, as well as by the chemical constituents, in a series of assays. This approach allows for rapid identification of “activity zones” and can generate new information and novel IP relating to diagnostic methods, extraction technology and, perhaps, even core composition claims. The data obtained by this approach will be used in establishing new standards to optimize desired therapeutic activity and ensure that a clear indication and a safe effect will be defined for the medical practitioner and consumer.

To further support these efforts, the Company, in conjunction with Izun Pharma Limited, has a patent pending delivery system to capture all of the active compounds in the cannabis plant and combine them in a solid or liquid delivery form. This delivery system can be utilized to deliver a form of pharmacologically active drug without requiring smoking or vaporizing.

Features CannRx Technologies

Technology based approach to product development: specific formulations (sleep, pain, high protein/CBD for sport recovery etc) and enhanced delivery (early onset, increased bio-availability)


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