CANNDOC produces Cannabis products for more than 10 years according to the regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Health, and currently producing products under the IMC-GAP standards according to the concentrations published by the IMCA for a variety of symptoms in order to provide its pharmaceuticals products to pharmacies or directly to the patients homes.
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About CannDoc

CANNDOC is an official licensed producer by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) since 2008, pioneering and leading research, cultivation, processing and distribution of Pharma Grade Cannabis based products to licensed patients, hospitals, physicians, research and governmental organizations under GAP, GMP, GSP and GDP standards.

 CANNDOC, has been active in the global medical cannabis arena for more than a decade, focusing only on pharmaceutical grade cannabis in fully regulated and medicalized territories. As a leading pioneer, CANNDOC conducted numerous R&D programs and clinical trials resulting in high quality protocols and elite genetics.

 CANNDOC, gathered vast experience in climatized greenhouse cultivation and has developed a comprehensive and unique method of cultivation and production of pharma grade Cannabis, with expertise in all the links of the value chain till the end-products. Its R&D team has successfully developed a unique crown-jewel cultivation BLACKBOX facility which is scalable and profitable.

 Along the years, CANNDOC grew thousands of kilograms, and supplied its products to thousands of patients in Israel on a monthly basis as well as to leading academic institutes and R&D centers.

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