CannaPowder Inc.

CannaPowder Inc.

CannaPowder, Inc. is developing revolutionary nanometric cannabis powders to enable cannabis users, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes, to more efficiently interact with the endocannabinoid mechanism.
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About CannaPowder Inc.

In order for cannabinoids to have an impact, they must first be activated – i.e., heated beyond 70ºC – and then absorbed by the body in order to interact with the endocannabinoid system. The more common practices to achieve this are smoking plant matter and extraction into oil for further processing to create tinctures, topicals, edibles and vape liquids, but each of these methods have deficiencies.

CannaPowder offers a proprietary fourth mechanism, nanometric powder. Nanometric powders have significant advantages over non-nanometric powders and plant oils, including effective production processes and acceptable dosage forms, reduced dosage requirement, improved absorption, bioavailability and

efficacy, and relatively long shelf life. Nanometric powders are already being used for other plants by some generic pharmaceutical companies, with various FDA approved drugs, and by other industries including cosmetics, beauty products and others.

The technology underlying the Company’s delivery system was developed at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a world leader in academic research and development of medical cannabis, under the leadership of Dr. Shlomo Magdassi, Professor of Chemistry at the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. His research focuses on colloid science, and in particular on formation, formulation and applications of novel micro and nanoparticles. In addition to his scientific practice and publications, Prof. Magdasi has various inventions and applications related to colloids in industrial products.

Having verified the technology, CannaPowder entered into an exclusive worldwide license for the process with Yissum Research and Development

Features CannaPowder Inc.

Existing approaches to producing cannabis nanometric powders are largely based on proprietary developed and generally established technologies which absorb oil into existing solid particles. At present, there is no established market leader in development of products from cannabis powders and no evidence to date that any individual company has achieved any real market penetration.

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