Cannapolitan is a print & online magazine that is dedicated to a higher standard of sophistication for the cannabis lifestyle.

About Cannapolitan

Cannapolitan celebrates activists and advocates in the community, industry and throughout the globe. The team feature Cannapolitans that are breaking stigmas, finding therapies, changing laws, creating amazing products all in the benefit of Cannabis and its loyalists. Every issue of Cannapolitan has something for every adult of any age, sex, or origin. The landscape is rapidly changing and it aims to keep readers educated and inspired to share what they learn. Cannapolitan diverse group of contributors offer its audience all the best in exclusive interviews, featured brands and products, cannabis reviews, fashion, health, family, fitness, growing your own, science, music, entertainment features and more.

Features Cannapolitan

Cannapolitan qualities include: advocates Cannabis education, is meta cultural, unprejudiced, inclusive, cultured, sophisticated and passionate about Cannabis