Cannanalytica is a Malta and London based consultancy firm specialising in the Global medical cannabis industry.

About Cannanalytica

We offer our regulatory, EU GMP certification and business development consultancy services to investors and Licensed Producers who are currently present or planning to enter into the medical cannabis space. Our Team of business executives, regulatory experts and QPs/QAs with vast experience in the pharma industry are perfectly placed to advise our clients on medical cannabis projects within Europe.

Certification and Compliance

EU GMP certification and compliance are the cornerstones of the medical cannabis industry in Europe. All medical cannabis sold in Europe needs to be produced under EU GMP and later tested in an EU GMP facility before being released, together with GDP certification for warehousing and distribution.

CannAnalyica has a team of experienced professionals who assist and advise our clients to ensure compliance at every stage of their business processes such as:

  • Analytical Testing • Batch Release • Warehouse & Eu Distribution
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging – Audits of Manufacturing Sites
  • Pharmacovigliance Complaince – GMP Ancillary Services
Audits for existing facilities

Cannanalytica can assist clients by auditing their facilities before commencing the EU GMP certification process. The objective of these audits is to identify the gaps between the facility’s standards and processes and the EU GMP benchmark. The Cannanalytica Team of QP’s and QA’s will then advise our clients on how to bridge the gaps in the most efficient and time effective manner in order to ensure achieving EU GMP standards in the quickest timeline possible.