We are a team of content marketing, branding, videographers, social & PR specialists, heavily engaged and connected in the cannabis industry.
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About CannaImpact

Our cannabis industry relationships provide the ideal stepping stone for not only creating compelling brands but also for reaching the right audience across all relevant media and distribution channels. ‍

CannaImpact was established to bring together today's leading ventures and entrepreneurs in the field Cannabis tech and medical, to share insights about our rapidly emerging industry. ‍ This industry will influence the cultural landscape and impact generations to come. As society adapts to the legalization of cannabis, what roles will technology, education and politics play? What lessons can be learned from the history of cannabis? How can biotechnology, analytical science and quantitative data be leveraged for cannabis industry investors and end users alike? CannaImpact aims to dive into each of these questions and topics through articles, reports, meetups and more.


Nadav Eyal
Co-Founder & CEO