Cannabiz of Mass

Cannabiz of Mass

CannaBiz of Mass is a trade association for the Cannabis industry that provides direct support & advocacy at the state level to the licensed cannabis industry.
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About Cannabiz of Mass

CannaBiz of Mass is the premier trade association in Massachusetts that provides direct support and advocacy at the state and local level to the licensed cannabis industry. CannaBiz of Mass was created for the purpose of promoting cannabis products and services up and down the supply chain, protecting the interests of the industry and expanding opportunities on all levels to ensure a vibrant, fair and competitive marketplace for recreational marijuana.

CannaBiz of Mass is excited to bring together the growing number of commercial enterprises within the Cannabis Industry in order to harness the collective strength and ability to have a voice in the ongoing development of this sector of the economy. A varied membership base will foster greater collaboration, insight and tell a compelling story of jobs, economic growth and local partnerships. CannaBiz is proud to be the voice for:

  • Dispensary/Retail
  • Processing/Manufacturing
  • Wholesale/Distribution
  • Cultivation/Grow/Hydroponics
  • Consulting/legal
  • Lifestyle
  • Cafes/on-Premise Consumption

Our goal is to highlight the positive aspects of the cannabis trade and to represent the interests of the various industries and small businesses by maintaining constructive involvement in government and regulatory affairs in order to enhance the climate of the cannabis industry in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The CannaBiz of Mass board of directors currently consists of Steve Boksanski, senior partner at BCB Government Relations. Graham Wilson, former co-owner and marketing director of DigBoston. Jim Stanton, a digital solutions architect and engineer at Datadog. We plan to add additional members to our board from our diverse membership base.

CannaBiz of Mass will combat the prejudices and stigmas associated with cannabis with positive publicity/marketing and targeted social media messaging. We will address situations as they occur in real time and fight fake and biased news. CannaBiz of Mass seeks clear and sensible regulation that promotes health and safety in our communities, excellence in our products and services, and compliance at every level of our industry.

We work for you, and we strive to:

  • Improve the legal and regulatory environment of the cannabis industry.
  • Advance the institution and infrastructure for a sustainable and vital cannabis industry
  • Educate and update our communities, policy makers, and industry professionals on challenges and opportunities that exist in the current statutory and regulatory frameworks and advocate for improvements where necessary
  • Organize social events across the state providing members the opportunity to interact with each other and their local elected officials.
  • Cultivate a unified industry with a safe and ethical corporate citizenship as cornerstones of its brand and public perception