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Cannabis Training University

The World's Leading Online Cannabis School. Over 100 videos. 2000 pages of e-books. 250 question online certification exam. Ed Rosenthal on staff! Over 2 million social media followers.
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The leading online cannabis college. More information, more recognized, more graduates, better instructors, and more affordable than all other cannabis colleges. Learn all aspects of the cannabis industry. Start a cannabis career. Land a cannabis job. Anyone can enroll, from anywhere. Learn at your own pace. Over 100 videos, more than 5000 pages of ebooks. Online quizzes, and a master certification exam. As seen in High Times Magazine!

The first and foremost leader in online cannabis education. Begin a cannabis career. Enroll at the premier cannabis training destination. The leading cannabis college. The best marijuana school. Start a cannabis business. Learn from the industry leading marijuana training program.


Jeff Zorn
Ed Rosenthal
World Renowned Marijuana Consultant California
Julie K. Goddard
expert cannabis industry consultant
Ronnie C
Master Gardener Los Angeles, CA
Garyn Angel
Founder, CEO, President ThinkMB
Sean D. McAllister
Pierre-Yves Desprez
Lead Scientist
James J. Clark
Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney
Chef Eva
Executive Chef
Tamarya Hulme
Anne Mullenniex
Gardener, Artist, Baker
Tim Mullenniex
Master Gardener
Joe Cohen
Medical Marijuana Physician Denver & Boulder, CO
Arif Khan
Medical Marijuana Physician San Francisco, CA
Julie Dooley
President of Julie’s Natural Edibles
Shawn Honaker
Founder of Yeti Farms
John J. Simmonds
Phil Samuelson
Cannabis Communications and Consulting
Cathy Wilson
Adam Pitts
Master Gardener, Breeder Cape Cod, MA