Cannabis Reports

Cannabis Reports

Cannabis Reports is an industry pioneer providing open access to organized cannabis information. The website provides consumers information and a recommendation engine. In addition, we also offer cannabis enterprises an extensive suite of business management tools. Our powerful open API provides access to an ever-growing database of over 25,000 cannabis strains, extracts, edibles, products, seed companies, retailers & producers. UPC labeling & cannabis specific identifiers make our tools easy & accessible to anyone and provide powerful business tools.
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About Cannabis Reports

Cannabis Reports is the largest collection of organized cannabis data ever brought together. We have openly available information on over 30,000 different strains, flowers, extracts, edibles, and non-consumable products, and over 350 different medical studies.

With no advertising, and open access to our data through our powerful API, we're giving businesses access to incredible intelligence and market data and providing the cannabis community with the specificity needed to help our industry move forward.


David Drake
CEO, Founder
Jacob D. Haslem
Creative Director