Cannabis On Purpose

Cannabis On Purpose

The direction of the cannabis industry is at stake. It’s up to you - cannabis companies driven by purpose over profit - to make sure that it doesn’t become like the health industry, food industry, and every other industry that becomes corrupt by corporate greed.
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About Cannabis On Purpose

YOUR success is the only way to ensure that cannabis does the good it can do for the world… 
To become the market leaders, we help you:

  1. Develop a business from the ground up that puts quality first based on living soil organic cultivation. Nothing less.

  2. Hire the right people, aligned with your values and mission, to create a solid team that can produce consumer-focused products and a highest quality brand.
    I’m on a mission to take cannabis companies on purpose to the top… and it starts with you. 

Who we are?

I’m Rudy Ellenbogen. Originally from Peru, I’ve been the CEO of several companies in real estate construction and cannabis for the past 15 years, the latest Verde Natural which exploded from a small Medical dispensary to becoming the largest Organic Cultivator in Colorado in under 3 years. Verde’s accelerated success was acknowledged for several awards including The Grow Off (flower), Rooster’s THC Classic (concentrates) and Westword (dispensary) - but the real secret to it’s success, beyond strategy and operations, was the unified relationship between executives, managers and employees creating a “win-win” culture. Most companies, especially ones driven by profit, don't have a high standard for what’s important around their company culture, employees, product, and the consumer. I believe that the future of the cannabis industry is at stake and I’m on a mission to make sure that it doesn’t become corrupt by corporate greed like the health or food industry. YOUR success as a cannabis company on purpose is the only way to ensure that cannabis does the good it can do for the world.

I put relationships first, so If you resonate with this, feel free to reach out and I would love to hear more about you and share more of me.

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