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Cannabis Global Initiative

The Cannabis Global Initiative is more than just a specialized public relations and marketing firm, it's the ingenious strength of industry insiders, government strategists, cannabis business pioneers, advocates and lobbyists united together to provide unparalleled progress in the changing new landscape of safe, sustainable, and beneficial cannabis legalization.
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About Cannabis Global Initiative

CGI Business Consulting

At CGI, we understand cannabis entrepreneurship. We know few businesses require as much hard work, incur countless challenges, the intensity of the risk.

Our team helped craft many of the laws of regulation, we are experts in keeping you informed of potential changes to operating regulations before they make it into law.

Cannabis regulatory compliance and licensing is only the beginning. We believe a successful brand is the product of careful strategy, creativity and the initiative to go big. Our innovative targeted strategies can help you achieve this with meaning, power and profit.

We’re ready to go to work for you.

With our suite of consulting services, we equip new and growing businesses with critical, relevant tools to compete and thrive in the cannabis industry:

We've created a blueprint to help new license holders get their retail operations up and running with tried and true standard operating procedures.


Cannabis Global Initiative’s (CGI) is dedicated to the sustained growth and regulation of the cannabis industry. We work with municipalities, policymakers, and other cannabis-related entities in local, national, and international markets.

Our team has been involved from the onset of the statutory and regulatory models developed in Colorado. CGI includes cannabis production experts, chemists and business owners that lead the way in safety and efficacy, and who are routinely sought after as subject matter experts. Working with legislators, law enforcement, and industry and community leaders, we participated in all phases of creating the laws and regulations that have held up as the working model for this industry.