Cannabis Content Writer

Cannabis Content Writer

As a cannabis content writer, I provide creative and informative text designed to engage your target audience. Whether you’re a dispensary looking to provide helpful content for your patients or you’re part of a cannabis community looking to provide entertaining and humorous content for your readers, I can help.
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About Cannabis Content Writer

Hi my name is Katherine Saab. I'm a cannabis writer with over 40 years of experience in writing, editing, advertising, sales, marketing, yoga, and dance.

Over the years I have been on a wonderful journey, from opening the 2nd yoga studio in San Diego, California in the early 1970's, to being General Manager of a newspaper in the 1990's.

I've also done a fair bit of traveling, toking, and living in some exotic places in the world.

Now, I spend my time creating and writing content for Cannabis, CBD, & Hemp publications and businesses.

Want to build your brand, have a greater online presence and reach more customers with blogs? Consistent quality educational cannabis, CBD, and hemp content is the key to the online treasure. My writing will attract your target audience, engage and inform them, and keep them coming back for more!

Web Content
Copy is the foundation of your cannabis, CBD and hemp website. The moment visitors land on your site, get their attention with copy that engages, informs and converts. Your outstanding content will turn site visitors into loyal customers and followers.

E-Newsletters continue to remain one of the most powerful marketing tools for Cannabis, CBD and hemp businesses. You know you want to consistently reach out to your client list but the time requirement is prohibitive. I can help you create and maintain an E-Newsletter that can be a game changer for your marketing strategy. Consistent client base contact with relevant and inspiring content creates loyal client relationships and happy customers!

Do you want to use the power of Ebooks for your cannabis, CBD and hemp Business? You know that there are so many valuable ways you can use Ebooks in your marketing and customer reach. The catch is that you do not have the time to create, edit and publish, but I do!

Let's talk about your ideas and the ways that a quality Ebook will establish your brand's authority and position you as a cannabis, CBD and hemp expert in your arena. I will work with you to create a well researched, inspiring and relevant Ebook for your brand.