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About Cannabis Classifieds

Cannabis Classifieds is proudly recognized as the longest running marijuana marketing site in the world! We have recently updated our website to run on a true classifeds platform. We ask that you exercise caution when responding to marijuana for sale ads and that you deal only with verified and well reviewed cannabis dispensaries. If you exercise good judgement and look for legal and reliable marijuana dispensaries hopefully you will be able to experience the medical or recreational benefits cannabis may offer you.

If you own a legal marijuana dispensary and would like to advertise your cannabis for sale on our site we will help you any way we can. We operate an affordable service because we want to encourage the entire marijuna community to participate in our movement. We plan to provide a single website that offers everything you can imagine for cannabis lovers and marijuana related products. If you are looking for the best marijuana marketing site you have found it.

Please feel free to browse our listings and the virtual shelves of our users marijuana dispensaries and stores for your favorite cannabis related products. If you find an ad that does not seem to be legal or authentic, please flag it so that we can look into the listing and the user. If we work together as a 420 community we can change the way marijuana is bought and sold. Hopefully this will allow cannabis to benefit everyone that can legally do so. We imagine a day when restrictions of buying and selling cannabis are liberated much like the alcohol industry. We pride ourselves on providing a successful platform offering both marijuana for sale and marijuana marketing online. We wish you the best in your search!

Cannabis For Sale Listings

Cannabis for sale advertisements are designed with both the medical marijuana world and recreational marijuana world in mind. This section is intended for real retail outlets and marijuana dispensaries that can legally sell marijuana. Also for the cannabis grower who is in a legal position to do so. Find the best marijuana for sale online.

Cannabis Supply Listings

Cannabis supply advertisements are designed towards the community of cannabis growers and producers as well as users and patients. In this category many businesses can list their latest cannabis accessories and marijuana grow supplies. It's the perfect marketing platform for cannabis users and patients to find what they need, as well as for marijuana growers being able to find great deals on cannabis supplies. 

Cannabis Community

Cannabis community classified advertisements are designed towards the ever growing cannabis friendly community. Individuals or businesses can freely advertise themselves and their services to numerous cannabis friendly regions around the nation. Whether your seeking a cannabis job, offering a marijuana related service, or just looking for a 420 date on Saturday night we have you covered.

Features Cannabis Classifieds

Cannabis Classifieds has been online since 2000 and publishes ads relating to marijuana for sale and various cannabis products. In December of 2014 a brand new website platform was launched to assist visitors with more interactive marijuana marketing options.