Cannabis Cash Solutions

Cannabis Cash Solutions

Automating cash handling for marijuana related businesses to lower the risk inherit in a cash intensive business. Turnkey platform for protecting your profits.
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About Cannabis Cash Solutions

Cannabis Cash Solutions specializes in risk mitigation for cash-intensive marijuana related businesses.

Our services focus on risk mitigation against loss, the benefits of which include reducing shrinkage, simplifying store closing procedures and deterring robberies.


- Prevents shrinkage and deters robberies
- Simplifies store closing procedures by eliminating cash counting
- Detects counterfeit bills
- Enhances customer service without adding head count
- Budtender and customer facing options available

Using the latest cashier automation technologies, we eliminate cash handling responsibilities from your staff. All cash passes directly from your customer’s hands directly into the Automated Cashier, where it is stored securely until it’s ready for transport.

We also offer a Delivery Cash Drop Vault so drivers can easily drop off your cash at the office as often as needed.

By automating your cash handling, you reduce the risk of theft and robberies. We free up your staff to focus on serving your customers, instead of counting cash.