Canna Nano

Canna Nano

Developed with a team of scientists, Canna Nano CBD utilizes state-of-the-art science to deliver advanced nutrients and hydration in the most nutritious way, completely natural and environmentally friendly.
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About Canna Nano

We actually emulate the hydrologic cycle.

Many bottled waters refer to the natural cycle in one way or another, however we actually employ its principles.

CannaNanoCBD™ emulates the process of evaporation, condensation, precipitation – water’s return to the ocean and back to evaporation is nature’s way of filtering out impurities and replenishing the water supply.

We begin with water from local sources, passing through sand filters similar to the natural process of ground water filtering through sediment layers. Next, the water goes through screen filters, toward the evaporation tank, where it is heated to evaporation using solar thermal energy at a temperature lower than the boiling point of water. The “cloud” of moist air rises and condenses into purified “rain” in the condensing tank. At CannaNano, we extra-ensure purity by then using a carbon filter, 2 sub-micron filters, and a UV filter. Finally, the purified water is ozonated before being bottled into pure, great-tasting premium cbd drinking water.


When we developed our signature bottle, we wanted the absolute best bottle we could use. We went with the square design, not just because of it’s identifiable, square shape.

We wanted our bottle to be a symbol of quality, as well as environmentally friendly.
A square bottle can be packed more economically, in less space, for shipping – using less packing material and reducing the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions from transporting our water.

We also went with PET1 for the bottle’s material, because it uses fewer material and energy resources in it’s transport and manufacture than glass, is extremely stable, impact resistant, and non-reactive. Because plant or bio-bottles use corn, a crop which competes with the food supply and is most often sourced from GMO and pesticide made product, we opted away from corn based products. At Canna Nano™ we are committed to environmentally conscious and sustainable practices, and we continue to look at new, innovative materials and processes as they become available.