Cann2go is a unique solution that allow Cannabis companies to easily plan and manage all their Cannabis distribution and last-mile deliveries in an efficient and cost effective manner with full visibility to the end customer.
Medical Marijuana State Programs

About Cann2Go


Features Cann2Go

We Amazonize Cannabis companies distribution & delivery process
- Simple and fast Integrations with out-of-the-box plugins to E-Commerce platforms
- Create & Operate YOUR unique operational workflows
- Efficient routing – our cutting-edge route optimization will help you meet your DRIVERS , DISPATCHERS and CONSUMERS expectation.
- Secured transit tracking
- End-Customer experience
- Reduce CO2 pollution, HR costs, reduce required fleet size, reduce needed resources
- Empower your workforce with new tools to support all their needs
- Improve customer/employee satisfaction
- Eliminate operations complexity
- Enhances business agility and growth
- Enables business continuity
Faster and more accurate fulfilment
• Optimization by different regulation in each territory
• Combine orders from different time slots to one route
• One to many / many to one/many to many soutions
• Central pickups/drop-offs
• Max time/distance between deliveries
• Integration with multiple delivery companies.
• POD and tracking
• Customer notifications on progress
• Track deliveries in real-time on a live map