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Canalis Capital

Connecting with legendary founders to help grow the most iconic cannabis brands, technologies & immersive retail solutions around the globe.
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About Canalis Capital

Canalis Capital is a venture capital and acceleration firm bringing together the industry’s most disruptive businesses and progressive corporations to fuel cross-industry innovation and set a new standard for emerging markets.

Canalis is designed to be an ongoing advisory and innovation platform that results in a continuous stream of commercially viable solutions.

Features Canalis Capital

Canalis Capital is a merchant bank focused on innovative and disruptive industries. Canalis Capital is a versatile organization with a wide variety of offerings. We have built an ecosystem of well-rounded companies and individuals all over the world, looking to leverage each others' expertise in order to create value. We also invest and raise funds and advice companies in need. Additionally, we also do advocacy work for improving the current global cannabis framework. 

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