Canadian Greenfield Techologies Corp.

Canadian Greenfield Techologies Corp.

Canadian Greenfield Technologies Corp., are leaders in innovative engineering, technology, manufacturing, and product development in the industrial hemp industry.
Processing: Hemp

About Canadian Greenfield Techologies Corp.

We are members of an expert, international-award winning group, in business for over 30 years. We are industry veterans, leaders and experts in creating innovative products and proprietary processing machinery. Consisting of scientists, chemical, mechanical and civil engineers, Canadian Greenfield Technologies have developed products and processes from bench to commercial scale.

As experts in industrial hemp refinement, from field to commercialized product, we have developed our own proprietary decortication/separation technologies, with the capability to take unprocessed industrial hemp feedstock and separate it into three derivative streams. These derivatives are then used, along with proprietary formulations, to create value-added consumer products, not available anywhere else in the world.

Designed and constructed from the ground up, Canadian Greenfield’s machinery and technologies are state-of-the-art, unavailable anywhere else in the world; making us the global leader in industrial hemp refinement and product innovation.

Our products contribute significantly to environmental sustainability, green manufacturing and energy efficiency. Using renewable and sustainable resources, we are helping to reduce carbon emissions while providing premium products.


Mike Pildysh
Stephen Christensen
Vice President & General Manager
Brittany McKell
Marketing Manager
Kurt Edwards
Principal Development Engineer
Natalie McKenzie
Project Manager
Matthew McKay
Production Manager

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