California Cannabis Tourism Association

California Cannabis Tourism Association

The California Cannabis Tourism Association (CCTA) serves to unify the cannabis and tourism industries with integrity. We are a cornerstone of positive, forward-thinking legislative action, local outreach, and mainstream education, represented in conferences and panels across the state.
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About California Cannabis Tourism Association

About CCTA

The CCTA advocates for policies that enhance experiential quality for businesses and consumers alike within the quickly growing cannabis tourism niche. We are devoted to cultivating communication and economic equity. We aim to properly represent all aspects of cannabis tourism and further integrate with the expansive travel market.

Flourishing Culture

For decades, California has been an apex of growth and influence in the cannabis space. Our diverse cast of consumers and producers have supported an agricultural and economic revolution that dominates our current cultural climate The CCTA exists to expand the cannabis tourism conversation and support integration of cannabis into the greater travel market and industry. We serve as the central link between businesses, workshops, sponsorships, and events.

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