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Calfarms, LLC

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About Calfarms, LLC

Calfarms is a company established to provide statewide cultivation, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of cannabis products in California. Our company, was formed by the following principals:

Quan Le , was born in Vietnam and moved to the United States at a very young age. He is the founder and CEO of Calfarms. Mr. Le has built his network from the ground up and is a true operator and manager. He is a cannabis industry entrepreneur and achieved exponential revenue growth, raised seed capital, rebranded, and grew his vast network of farms into leading nationally recognized cannabis brands. Mr. Le has a unique way of bringing people together and finding a way to exceed expectations. Quan Le has been active in cannabis cultivation, management, and sales for 17
years. Quan brings a wealth of administrative and leadership experience. Quan is hands on in all sales development. He is currently operating 7 award winning brands in California as well as 9 sites that hold multiple license types ranging from cultivation, manufacturing, nursery, distribution, and retail. Quan started his business career operating UPS Store franchises for 15 years. Mr. Le is committed on staying on top of industry trends and best practices.

Matt Lynch, has been active in the Cannabis industry for over 17 years. Having grown up in Santa Cruz, California, his focus has been primarily in the cultivation, extracting, manufacturing, and the testing side of cannabis. Through his interests, Mr. Lynch was instrumental in the successes of SC Laboratories as Director of Sales for 4 1⁄2 years. He managed the Sales Team and built strategic relationships throughout the state of California helping all industries related to cannabis. His experience in management has carried over from a Fortune 500 Company in the Herbal Acupuncture
Industry in which he was the Assistant Production Manager controlling the production of over 400 SKU’s. Matt has also managed one of the biggest Honda Dealerships in California developing their first internet sales department. Through his experience over the last 10 years, Matt also owned and operated SC Foods, an edible cannabis company in Santa Cruz California, Panacea Extracts, an extraction company in Sacramento California, and Golden State Farms, 4 large indoor cultivation warehouses located in San Jose California. Presently, Matt is operating and managing the largest
Licensed Distributing Company for Cannabis in the state of California as the director of sales and instrumental in their acquisition of $60MM. He brings 15 years of management, operations, and distribution experience with extensive knowledge in warehousing cannabis, cannabis distribution, compliance, and supply chain management principles. Matt has led 550 personnel, $100M budgets, and $1B in procurement and inventory control. His expertise is strategy and business development projects from the ground-upmic and rapidly changing environment of the Cannabis industry and provide effective solutions.”


•Vision Statement: “Our vision is to enable, augment and accelerate the success of the cannabis
industry with businesses of all types. By creating and continuously optimizing a effective vertical
integration platform and