CalCann Holdings

CalCann Holdings

CalCann Holdings is the go-to group for Cannabis real estate in California. We offer solutions and consulting services to cannabis entrepreneurs.
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About CalCann Holdings

CalCann Holdings is a California medical marijuana liscense and real estate holding company focused on building a premier portfolio of cannabis companies, real estate and brands. We are the authority for cannabis real estate in California.

-We work with local California governments and lawmakers to advocate for sound public policy and transparency in cannabis laws.

-We operate fully-licensed medical marijuana facilities, ranging from cultivation faciities, distribution centers, retail stores, as well as manufacturing and production facilities that include extraction and edibles production.

-We are experienced real estate Investors who proactively identify and invest in cannabis-related real estate opportunities in California.

We want you to concentrate on what you do best - running a business and leave the licensing to us.

What we Bring to the Table:

We are the go-to team for cannabis real estate in California. In fact, we've acquired more municipal marijuana licenses than any other group in California.

How we do it:

-A winning combination of legal and political skills

-The ability to identify and acquire cannabis real estate boasting favorable returns.

-We stay ahead of the curve by working with elected officials at the municipal level.

We draw from a variety of resources with our diverse team - some traditional solutions, other custom made, to help marijuana operators unlock capital that is currently consumed by real estate.

We believe that cannabis legislation in California is an extraordinary opportunity with far reaching ramifications, touching countless industries and remain enthusiastic about the market.