Cafe Cartel Systems

Cafe Cartel Systems is an industry leader, providing dispensary point of sale systems across the country. We specialize in inventory solutions, grow tracking, surveillance and theft control.
Banking & Payment Processing

About Cafe Cartel Systems

Cafe Cartel Systems, Inc. was created in 2004 to provide Affordable Point of Sale for small businesses. Since then we have had hundreds of installations worldwide.

We have installations in Grocery Stores, Liquor Stores, Clothing Stores, Pet Stores, Salons and a variety of other retail stores including Medical Device Retailers.

Café Cartel Systems was founded by a family of restaurant owners frustrated with the complexity and unreliability of the POS Systems we were using. We teamed up with a software development company and Café Cartel Systems was formed. Our goal is to now make a power, flexible and scalable POS System. Since then thousands of customers have switched to Café Cartel Systems making us a (POS) Leader.