C1A – Canna One Advisors

C1A – Canna One Advisors

Expert consultants in the cannabis industry can assist you in buying, selling and/or investing in marijuana related businesses.

About C1A – Canna One Advisors

Canna 1 Advisors (C1A) is the leading cannabis consulting and brokerage business in America. Headquartered in Irvine California, Canna 1 has expanded to include offices in Colorado, Washington, Arizona and Nevada.

Founded by Eric Dena, a licensed real estate broker and pioneer in the industry, Eric has been brokering the purchase and sale of marijuana dispensaries, cultivations and collectives since 2010. C1A has positioned itself through partnership and acquisition of key contracts within the industry.

After being featured in a number of highly publicized speaking engagements, interviews and articles, Eric began carefully assembling the C1A team. C1A currently employs a diverse staff of attorneys, market makers and key executives to ensure C1A clients continue to succeed within this growing market place.

Recognized as specialists in the field, C1A is dedicated to providing superior customer service for clients interested in buying, selling and/or investing in marijuana related businesses. C1A's commitment to excellence and personal service has made us the broker/consultant of choice within industry circles.