Brittany Photographs

Brittany Photographs

Based in Denver, Colorado and traveling all over the world, Brittany Photographs specializes in cinematic wedding and portrait photography. Brittany shoots twenty to forty weddings worldwide every year and in addition primarily focuses her portrait photography on couples, engagements, and creative portraits of women. Limited family and senior sessions are available each year.
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About Brittany Photographs

I used to be Brittany Writes. As a little girl growing up in the southeast, I spent my summer days outside writing in my notebook and generally being way too grown up for my own good. I was a tiny little firecracker with an unruly mop of curly brown hair and I thought words were the most creative way to express yourself.

As a teenager I was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul among other publications and went on to graduate summa cum laude with a mass communication degree in journalism and film studies. After college I worked on graduate degrees in literature and marketing while working in public relations. In a series of magical decisions and just plain fate, I picked up a camera one day and I realized the second I created my first personal images with it, that words were nothing compared to images when it comes to expressing yourself creatively.

Brittany Photographs was born in 2014 and has defined my very existence since then. I met my lovely wife Madison a few months after I started shooting. We spent our first year of marriage living in a secluded cabin in the woods of the deep south where we did a lot of soul searching and fell deeper in love with one another while we let BP grow into what it is today.

In the fall of 2016 we moved to Denver, Colorado to start a new chapter of our lives and our art together.

We live a simple and humble life. We love love. We love kindness. We love the pure magic of meeting new people every week who allow us into their lives to photograph their big and little moments.

I photograph portraits of people that are cinematic and creative. The way I see souls through my camera is the way I see life: magical and full of possibility. I feel love so incredibly deeply and I always have. To be a part of the love of others, to be there to capture milestones in the lives of others, it’s the greatest experience of my life.

I sometimes wonder what it will be like 20+ years from now when my dear clients (friends really) have my images as the tangible link to their memories of their happiest moments in their lives. What an amazing exchange I get to be a part of every day that I get to use my camera.


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