BOL Pharma

BOL Pharma

BOL Pharma delivers cannabinoid related products and APIs to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide based on extensive know-how and experience in crop production and research.

About BOL Pharma

BOL Pharma  has been pioneering the creation of the medical cannabis industry in israel since 2007. The company sources 99% pure pharma grade CBD, THC, and other active ingredients from its own organic GAP certified growing facilities and cGMP certified production plant. Collaborating with the Israeli Ministry of Health and under governmental license, BOL serves thousands of patients, Physicians , HMOs, and Medical centers providing cannabis based medical products and cannabinoid active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

As a full service contract manufacturer, BOL produces formulations for clinical research and white label services for the pharmaceuticals, food, supplements, and cosmetics industries.


Hagai Hillman
Tamir Gedo
Hugo Goldman
Sagi Ben Rimon
General Manager of BOL Israel
Avner Shekel
Boaz Hirshberg

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