Boggio Mangement Group, Inc.

Boggio Mangement Group, Inc.

Sharing our mission in maintaining environmental harmony in cannabis production and development.
Management & Advisors

About Boggio Mangement Group, Inc.

Why are we so special?

We hold 4 State Approved cultivation permits in rustic Covelo, California.  The property also features 7 additional permittable parcels available for expansion.  We offer mindfulness towards preserving natural resources.  Outside of the ranch we are imbedded in several Cannabis-ancillary businesses,  and are well versed in the  patterns of the market.

Our Vision

Developing  a design that kept the sprawling 680 acre ranch and its heritage oaks and vegetation intact was important to us.  We wanted to offer space for efficient cultivation while protecting the natural features of the land.  It is important to us that development is noninvasive and keeps the land a thriving part of the surrounding ecosystem.

Our Process

The land development was only the first part of the process.  Infrastructure, safety, efficiency, and environmental impact have been paramount in the development of our plan.  Involving and consulting state and local agencies in the development of the project has been important in understanding our ongoing obligations as mindful stewards of the land.