BodyChek Wellness

BodyChek Wellness

Premium Full Spectrum & Isolate Hemp Extracts Bodychek Wellness products are designed to defend and support total wellness.

About BodyChek Wellness

Our company was built on the belief that the road to recovery begins with natural solutions, and we proudly stand behind the healing powers of hemp. Our mission is to optimize everyday performance and challenge individuals to rethink the healing process by creating products that promote wellness, balance and recovery.


BodyChek Enterprise LLC is committed to full transparency, traceability, ethical sourcing, and extraction, from seed to bottle. Our goal is to make the highest quality hemp extract products and to make them universally accessible to all. Our hemp extracts are proudly grown on non-GMO farms in Pennsylvania, Colorado and the Czech Republic. Our hemp genetics are engineered to be naturally rich in cannabinoids, and we only source from crops with the highest cannabinoid content possible. All BodyChek products are third-party tested to ensure our standards of quality are met.


A farm is an ecology at every step

Grown with intent

From preparing the soil to ensuring optimal growth conditions, our hemp extracts are organically grown on non-GMO farms, without the use of pesticides. We believe that a natural environment is the best environment, and strive to grow in accordance with Mother Nature at her best.

Harvested with love

At BodyChek, our goal is to deliver the “gold standard” when it comes to hemp extracts. Our hemp genetics are engineered to be naturally rich in cannabinoids, and only the most active cannabinoids are harvested with love.

Processed pristinely

The same standard of excellence used to grow our premium hemp is replicated in our extraction process. Utilizing state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly practices, we adhere to pharmaceutical-grade protocols at every stage - from cultivation to extraction and handling to production.

Bottled to perfection

Our final product reflects our commitment to excellence. BodyChek products are proud to source eco-friendly, American-made packaging components, ethically sourced and extracted, from seed to bottle. Our products are third-party tested to ensure our standard of excellence is met and our customers receive a consistent, pure, and premium product every time.


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