BOAZ Pharmaceuticals

BOAZ Pharmaceuticals

BOAZ combines craft process with innovation to unlock seeds of potential.
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About BOAZ Pharmaceuticals

BOAZ is a medical cannabis company that is imparting love and attention into every plant we cultivate and care for.

Every seed, root, and leaf are handled with great respect by combining traditional craft process with modern technology and innovation. Because we are a small-batch producer, we maintain regular and open communication with clients to understand their needs and how we can help.

What is craft cannabis?
Craft cannabis isn’t just a fancy phrase—it’s how we produce quality-assured results with our bare hands that you can see, taste, and feel.  

  •  Grown and harvested by hand, not machine.
  •  Cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizer or pesticides.
  •  Hand trimmed and hung dry to increase terpene quality and intensity.
  •  Cured to accentuate terpene aroma and taste.
  Handcrafted Wellness

The slow-craft process creates a pure and balanced bud. By rejecting mass production and mechanized methods, BOAZ can impart great care and attention to every plant at every stage of production. 


  • Optimal environments and water levels enable each plant to reach its potential
  • Strain-specific nutrients keep plants healthy and happy
  • Clients benefit from new discoveries and perfected processes


David Isaak
President/CEO Boaz Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Don MacKinnon
CEO, Craft Boy

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