Bloomin Cannabis

Bloomin Cannabis

Bloomin is a Life style Magazine for the Cannabis community. A digital Mag that explores the Cannabis community in all its forms. From great personal interest stories, latest legal and business regulations, to cultivation, distribution and dispensaries. Bloomin is the place that will put you firmly in the center of the cannabis industry.
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About Bloomin Cannabis

At first we were just a bunch of  college  graduates starting our careers in law, journalism and music.  As our gigs picked up, and our job satisfaction decreased, we all  talked about contributing to the burgeoning cannabis industry. We all felt that there was a need for a magazine that talked about the lifestyle of the cannabis user, not just the latest politician posturing about cannabis legalization.  All the talk and noise was overwhelming.  We just wanted a publication that simply talked about the enjoyment of cannabis. We could not find one, so we created it. Hence, Bloomin!.  

Bloomin is a digital lifestyle magazine for the cannabis community. There are other digital formats that present the news or regulations, but we wanted to create one that presented those topics, while also presenting the lifestyle of the cannabis farmer, retailer, distributor and casual buyer.  

We met several times a week, and put together the blueprints for which would essentially be the seed of this website. Each one of us has put our passion into bringing you dynamic,  vibrant and in depth articles that will remind you why you enjoy cannabis.  So ...sit back, take a smoke, eat an edible and  Bloom!