LED Grow Lights have reached a new high with BloomBoss. After years in development and close collaboration with professional growers throughout North America, we’ve engineered a grow light technology that will help you craft healthier, sweeter, more resin-infused plants.
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About BloomBoss

BloomBoss is the only company dedicated exclusively to home growers, those looking to hone their skills and craft better plants from seed to harvest. From lighting to complete grow environments, expert advice to in-home service, we deliver the highest quality products and support to our customers. Regardless of your experience, you can trust BloomBoss to help you make your home grow a home run.

Using LEDs can reduce total costs of growing by up to 85%, while still producing award-winning, craft-quality harvests.

Our proprietary spectrum expertly combines red, white, and blue wavelengths to mimic the light from our sun and optimize photosynthesis. Plants thrive in all phases of growth, delivering high yields and maximum potency of active compounds.

We offer a 3-year full warranty on our lights, one of the most competitive in the industry. And our customer service, like our lights, simply outshines the competition.