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About Bloom City Club

Bloom Cannabis Club is dedicated to providing the highest quality medical cannabis, outstanding customer service and the most valuable information to our registered medical patients. We are passionate about improving the quality of life for our patients while educating the greater community about our offerings for viable and safe therapies for a multitude of medical conditions.

Bloom is a proud member of the Ann Arbor community, actively engaged in local charities and social outreach. We know that our mission cannot fully succeed without the backing and support of the community in which we live and do business.

At Bloom you can expect a safe, warm and welcoming environment and expert/knowledgeable staff. We understand that medical cannabis, the Michigan laws and navigating our endocannabinoid system can be confusing and Bloom is a place where everyone can feel comfortable to get answers. Our outreach and education arm, Blue Sage Health Consulting, offers one on one consulting, doctor/patient liaisons, community classes, and presentations for medical professionals to help them better understand cannabis and how to answer their patient’s questions
on CBD.

As ambassadors for ending cannabis prohibition, we salute everyone who got involved in the legalization movement – because together we are stronger.  Bloom will continue to create the standard for service excellence in Ann Arbor as well as the greater Michigan community by being 100% compliant in all we do.

Our goal is to continue raising the bar and offering our customers only the highest quality cannabis, professionalism, awareness through education and the most positive experience.

Bloom's Core Values:

  • We are emissaries & experts of the cannabis industry

  • Our focus is on wellness for our patient members

  • We believe in using holistic/premium products

  • We believe in community involvement & social responsibility

  • We are educational leaders for patients and the community

  • We believe in providing a safe and welcoming environment

  • We believe in fostering integrity & professionalism in the cannabis marketplace

  • We focus on compliance with the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008, the MMFLA and the MRTMA (Adult-Use) laws.


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