Blazy Susan

Blazy Susan

The Blazy Susan is the perfect device to hold and store all of your smoking accessories. No matter how you smoke, the Blazy Susan is modular and can be customized to fit your needs!

About Blazy Susan

The Blazy Susan is a revolutionary tabletop organizer for your accessories and products that clutter your coffee table. Build for diverse enthusisants. No matter how you participate in the industry, we have high quality products that will improve your experience.

Starting off as just a "high-dea" in a cluttered basement smoking area in Denver, Colorado. The main inspiration behind this product was much needed organization. The way we saw it, there was nothing really catered to diverse users who have ever-growing glass and accessory collections.

​The Blazy Susan was first conceptualized in 2014 after a problem became apparent in the heart of legalization Denver, CO. The problem? Messy coffee tables and consumption areas leading to broken glass or adding to a stoner stigma.

​Will started this company in order to keep the industry headed in a positive direction, surrounding his brand and taking after other responsible, and awesome local companies.


Will Breakell
Matt Stein


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