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About BIOS Lighting

BIOS offers unique lighting solutions that have biological and horticultural roots in NASA’s remarkable research and development of lighting that allow life to survive and grow in space.

The BIOS Lighting team has a collective experience of more than 50 years in lighting research and development, and are listed on more than 30 LED lighting technology patents. Located in the “Space Coast” area of FL, its Melbourne headquarters are just south of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where BIOS continues to participate in support of NASA’s ongoing research programs.

We develop LED lighting that is specifically designed to improve the health of plants, animals and people while reducing energy use.
BIOS Lighting is where science and service meet to optimize light solutions for life. With our collective experience in this industry, our access to cutting-edge research, and our passion for engineering and customizing the perfect LED lighting system for any environment; we can provide the optimal solution for your business.

By integrating years of biological and horticultural expertise with science first developed at NASA for the International Space Station, and the latest advancements in LED lighting and controls, BIOS creates lighting technologies that deliver unparalleled biological and horticultural results.


Sean Tegart
Neil Yorio
VP Lighting Research, Agriculture
Eric Thosteson
VP Lighting Technology
Robert Soler
VP Human Biological Technologies and Research
Wei Sun
VP of Operations for BIOS
Rebecca Knight
Technical Marketing Director

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