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About Bimaadzwin

Bimaadzwin is an Indigenous organization that offers capital venture, advisory, facilitation and policy analytic services with a focus on bringing mainstream, First Nation communities, and governments together toward successfully reconstituting Indigenous Nationhood.

Our Focus is specific to advancing the Land, People, and Prosperity objectives of Indigenous Peoples. Bimaadzwin cultivates partnerships and priorities that are founded upon equity, justice, sustainability and respects the right to self-determination of Indigenous Nations. Co-existence is not only achievable; it is vital to ensure the safe passage of the Next Generation.

Features Bimaadzwin

SEVEN CORE VALUES  1. Highest Order of Inherent Right – Bimaadzwin strives to uphold the human right to life. Our efforts are, and will always be to elevate the protection, promotion, and the celebration of humanity. We are all equal.

2. Cultural Reciprocity – Bimaadzwin appreciates, respects, and will always embrace cultural diversity in the workplace, in our partnerships, and as a targeted strategy in the recognition of the Nation-to-Nation relationship.

3. Environmental Consciousness – Being aware of the impacts of the resources we use as individuals and as an organization on our environment; knowing that the impacts that our work have on the overall health of our planet so we can ensure that our damage that we caused is minimized.

4. Shared Mentorship – We will work together to achieve one goal. We will share our knowledge from all of our professional focuses. With that shared knowledge we will assist one another.

5. Family – All families have different personalities, abilities, life experiences, values, beliefs and backgrounds. Bimaadzwin understands the needs of the family over the business. There are no set boundaries between family and business.

6. Professional Agility and Innovativeness – Bimaadzwin will lead in innovative solutions using a talented, passionate, focused, and committed team of experts. Interaction is key to accomplishing the goals set by our partners.

7. Accountability and Transparency – We value the commitments we make as an organization and as individuals. We hold ourselves accountable to always do our best to deliver to expectations. We will be transparent about the progress we are making and seek assistance where required.


Indigenous Nations on Turtle Island are legitimate, rightful and possess all elements that constitute nationhood. The full expression of Sovereignty is a fundamental challenge with entrenched colonial attitudes and barriers. Nationhood can take place from the rights-holder perspective and must be founded on Inherent Rights and Treaties. Community Laws and worldview must always be visible in the development and implementation of Nationhood plans. The customs, values, languages, and laws of our Indigenous Nations on the Turtle Island, are the foundation by which Bimaadzwin seeks its direction and carries out the effort to support and provide services to the communities and to other entities


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