Big Sky

Big Sky

BIG SKY designs, engineers and manufactures innovative packaging for the MMJ industry. Let our experienced team of design and packaging professionals set your brand apart from competition!
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About Big Sky

BIG SKY PACKAGING specializes in achieving flawless perfection and providing a smooth finish when it comes to packaging for the wine and spirits and fragrance and beauty industries.

Here at BIG SKY, we take our clients’ design concepts and validate—or not—the design for mass production. Our engineering team and project managers then manage the packaging development through our vast network of factories based on the precise needs of the packaging, including: quality, timing, cost, etc.

BIG SKY is an in-house packaging team for the sourcing and/or new development of stock (sourcing) and custom (new development) components. From customer concept, package engineering & cost assessment, to prototype, proofing & sampling, to customer approvals, production, and order shipment, Big Sky Packaging has it covered with a finesse and refinement that is unparalleled in the entire packaging industry.