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Susan Balcomb is the founder and CEO of Balcomb Financial Associates. Her goal is to help her clients build their businesses in an organized, focused and well thought-out manner that includes decreasing taxes, maximizing profits, and achieving organic and sustainable growth. Specializing in tax planning, she also provides strategic financial planning, business model development, and exit planning for all sizes of businesses.

Being largely focused on real estate, she has invaluable knowledge about mortgage lending and loan processing, construction investment tax and business planning, insurance law, auditing, risk management and compliance.

She has helped clients set up over 70 companies in several states, although mainly in Colorado, and her tax expertise runs the gamut of all company structures. She can help you determine the correct structure to start with if you are opening a business. For operating companies, she provides advisory services on how to develop business models, implement strategic planning, and save on and defer taxes. And if your company is at the end of its life cycle, she can help you figure out the best exit strategy to minimize taxes and maximize gains.

Susan has worked as the Controller for several medium-sized businesses, and has served in several different capacities on the Board of Directors of both public and private entities, ranging from the Vail Valley Medical Centers, to Start Tech Federal Credit Union. She is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, and a partner in a small private equity group that buys, builds, and sells businesses.

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