BioClone Gel was created to stimulate root growth and to effectively protect them from clone diseases. It is a product completely derived from plants and contains the ideal proportions of necessary trace elements.

About BAC

BAC began its journey in 2002, after managing its hydroponic store and our rose garden for 6 years. Our headquarters is in Gouda, in the Netherlands. 

We have started our society, to satisfy the public's request to receive more information on the basic principles of cultivation and the search for more information on nutrients. In each shop where the customer submitted a question about cultivation, he received ten different answers. This is the main reason that prompted us to create our own nutrient company, as well as culture seminars. To make it really more accessible and easy for everyone. 

This is our biggest market success, considering that thanks to the seminars, growers can better understand the cultivation itself (in particular climate control), after which the validity of the formula and the quality of the nutrients speaks for itself. 

Right now we are very well positioned in the following markets: Holland, England, Spain and the United States. 

In the future, our intention is to expand in Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Poland and Canada. 

We always develop new products, such as the Plant Vitality Plus case, which is already available on the market. 

We are constantly working to create a better and healthier product for the end user, and always in total respect of the medium environment. 

We believe we need to pay more attention to the consumption of organic products, especially how we live and what we eat.