We began the idea for avocado oil infusion in 2010. Through much trial and error we had finally produced a consistent oil that was both potent and delicious in 2014. We have created various types of goodies using both butter and coconut oil before working with the avocado oil producing various baked goods, tinctures, home salves, and other types of candy as well.

About Avocanna

Since 2008 we have been creating edibles. It began with the medicated butters,
oils, and bubble hash additives that we put in our products. Running an organic farm
was our specialty; providing quality fruits and vegetables to share with friends and


My father was going to be 70 years old, a hardcore believer in not having
cannabis or any cannabis derived products in his life. But because of the pain in his
knees and lower back; I mentioned that a light dose of cannabis or something he could
eat would help him sleep and increase his ability to recover from the constant work he
enjoys doing on the farm. After months of dealing with pain from his work on the farm
he agreed. We began creating a 50mg THC edible lozenge and 50mg/ml tincture for him
to consume. We had launched a small edible company that had a few loyal followers
and we went sharing these products with anyone who would try them.

In 2014 Avocanna was created. We were having a rough time competing in a
marketplace that was consistently shifting. From the constant package upgrades
required to put our products in the dispensaries to the constant competition for a more
“healthy” product. California was going through a period where everyone was
requesting vegan friendly, gluten free products. Determined to overcome this, I uttered
a quick prayer walking into the Thai restaurant that day.

I told the friends that accompanied me that I needed to wash up and I walked
into the bathroom, right into what would lead me into the next stage of my life. The top
of the soap bottle read Avocado and it clicked. I had at the time never seen or heard of
anyone using Avocado in their products and I wondered why. I would soon find out that
this Alkaline, super food was also extremely difficult to process. I couldn’t fridge it or
freeze it like any other recipes for creating products with full plant product. Not just 1
product but 3. The original recipe must include top quality organic flower, kief and
bubble hash for this concentrated super oil. I chose all three because I needed a full
spectrum material high in potency with a bioavailability like no other oil on the market.
Six months of formulation and one year later we created a product we were proud of.
The amazing taste and intensity of the oil was exactly what everyone was requesting.
We switched to pure THC biomass into CBD flower in late 2017, kief, and bubble
hash so we could make a concentrated CBD mixture low in THC potency and comply
with the state regulations.

In July of 2017 my father was diagnosed with cancer. When he was diagnosed
with stage-4 prostate cancer, his PSA was over 800 and we were told he had 6-12

months to live. We needed something that could provide peace of mind while
attempting to heal something that seemed impossible to undertake.
The cancer had spread to his bones and it was aggressively going throughout the body;
we didn’t have much time.

The fight against cancer had officially begun. I wanted my dad to be able to ingest
1000mg per day of CBD without getting too high to function normally. He still works on
the ranch daily and will not take something that will pull him out of his normal routine.
We switched his diet completely alkaline, added 1000mg per day of CBD to his diet using
our full profile CBD oil and six months later we reviewed his PSA. To our surprise it had
dropped significantly, one year later his PSA had dropped to about half.
Now, it December of 2018 my dad is 77 years of age and his PSA is >.001.
They are considering removing him from all treatments and the cancer is receding from
his bones.

They don’t say that he is in “remission” quite yet; but after a year and a half later we are
continuing the battle with beneficial results.

One day we hope to beat cancer, with this oil and a proper diet I believe it can be done.
This oil is a super food. Alkaline in base and rich in beneficial lipids.


Cancer cannot grow in an Alkaline environment and the lipids help with the uptake of
CBD into the bloodstream. It is the only oil that can penetrate the blood brain barrier
and it is immediately bio-available to the body after ingestion.

Our goal was to fight cancer using his cancer treatments to kill the cancer, using our oil
to slow the growth of the cancer and help turn the body Alkaline to prevent its

Having the ability to cook with it and use it on pastas and salads would open the options
for how he could enjoy the CBD. Using these three principles slow, kill and prevent we
will beat cancer one day and I look forward to telling you all about our journey.
Thank you to all our customers for your continued support and making us who we are.

Blessings to you all




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