Avicanna™ is positioned to be a front runner in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of plant-derived cannabinoid-based products and extracts throughout North America, Latin America.
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About Avicanna

Scientific and Evidence-Based

 Avicanna‘s team of scientists and researchers develop plant-derived cannabinoid formulations for medical applications and consumer products. This scientific and evidence-based approach has enabled Avicanna™ to offer portfolios of cannabinoid-based solutions for a range of channels and markets including derma-cosmetics, phyto-therapeutics and pharmaceutical products. 

Organic and Sustainable Supply Chain

 In 2018, we acquired a controlling interest in two companies in Colombia focused on commercial cannabis activities. Both companies are located in Santa Marta, Colombia in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The location offers 12 hours of daily sunlight year round, while the tropical weather of Santa Marta and micro-climate of the Sierra Nevada mountains provide optimal conditions to maximize the number and amount of harvests. Access to cost efficient energy sources and construction labour allow for affordable expansion and production. Both companies also have easy access to the local Santa Marta shipping port which is expected to provide low cost shipping for export.

Our two Colombian cultivation subsidiaries focus on cultivating high yielding THC and CBD plants as well as the production of cannabis extracts and purified cannabinoids to be made available for wholesale distribution.


Davender Sohi
Chief Financial Officer at Avicanna Inc.
Samantha Watt
Vice President at Avicanna Inc.
Samantha Watt
Vice President at Avicanna Inc.
Andrea Bartlett
Vice President, People at Avicanna Inc.
Chief Executive Officer at Avicanna Inc.

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