We are the top source for grow bed liners, light dep covers, greenhouse covers, anti-static film, trough liner, hydroponic liners and aquaponic liners, and all things plastic sheeting including pond liners.
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About Americover

Americover specializes in providing personalized, function driven products, designed to address the surface protection needs of its customers. We currently offer greater than 200 different product lines, available in over 40 countries, making us a leader in surface protection.

This privately held organization was originally founded in 1993 by Tevan Riedel, President, and was then incorporated in 1995. Due to rapid growth of the company, Americover moved their offices to the new location in Escondido. Over the last 27 years Ms. Riedel has owned several businesses catering to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors, and continues to be committed to growth in the industry.

Americover originally specialized in covering the temporary protection needs of the world’s shipbuilders, cruise lines, yacht builders and ships while in dock for necessary repairs. Several of their polyethylene and polypropylene products were discovered in other industries, and redeveloped for new use in additional areas as the opportunities arose. Their complete line of temporary surface protection films and covers has grown extensively to include their newest, BearAcade™, a revolutionary asbestos containment and abatement product,

Our list of offerings includes items manufactured specifically for various industries including: aerospace, military, government, healthcare, commercial and home builders, kitchen and bath, automotive and cruise line.

We provide protection from start to finish with our Carpet Cover™, Floor Cover™, and Countertop Cover™.

With special features such as advanced adhesives, exceptional fire retardancy and multiple reinforcements, their ability to provide liners, vapor retarders, and films in large sheet form suits customers requiring special applications. Americover also offers specialty items designed to work intrinsically with their products, making a complete application package easily available.

Americover has the distinct capability to serve its customers and affiliates in a personal manner, catering to their specific industry requirements.



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