“Our mission is to deliver accurate and expeditious results to our customers. We will accomplish this by unremittingly focusing on our three core imperatives; customer service, research, and education. We are passionately committed to lead the industry by applying state-of-the-art analytical tools and technologies while employing equally matched personnel. All these combined will allow consistent long term benefits to our customers, shareholders, employees and community.”
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About AltaSci

AltaSci cannabis testing laboratory is committed to the service of medicinal cannabis patients. We care about your safety and giving you the information you need to choose the medicinal cannabis that is right for you.

At AltaSci your cannabis samples are analyzed by qualified scientists with years of experience. Our team provides you with simple, easy-to-read results that you can trust.

We are proud to provide comprehensive analytical lab services to the medicinal cannabis community. Using proven technologies and techniques, our lab-validated methods and Quality Control programs produce legally defensible data, ensuring the highest level of confidence in your results

Features AltaSci

AltaSci Laboratories is the only Medical Cannabis focused lab to strictly operate under a pharmaceutical based program in the state of Connecticut. We currently offer full pharmaceutical grade testing services to 75% of the licensed production facilities in Connecticut, which has led to thousands of samples tested. AltaSci Laboratories conducts all testing under the ISO 17025 standards and our methods have been validated using the United State Pharmacopeia (USP) <1111> validation of compendial procedures to assess suitability of each test. Below is a summary of the processes that we currently follow for the testing of samples.


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